Month: October 2020

Top Database Interview Questions and Answers

Database interview questions are not always easy to answer. In a database interview, employers typically look for technical skills, as well as for the ability to communicate effectively. The following questions will help you prepare for your next database interview. What is a database? A database is an organized collection of structured data, generally stored

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How to use fs.createReadStream

Introduction In this blog post, you will lean how to use fs.createReadStream() method in your Node.js application. The createReadStream() method is an inbuilt API of fs module which allows you to open up a readable stream( file/stream )and read the data present in it. Syntax This method accept two parameters as described below: path: The path of the

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How to publish a module on npm?

There are two types of modules in Node.js: built-in modules and third-party modules. Built-in modules are part of the Node.js core and can be loaded without any installation or setup. Third-party modules, on the other hand, are created by developers and can be installed using the npm package manager. Publishing a module on npm is

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