Month: February 2021

Linked List Interview Questions and Answers

Linked list is a data structure that provides a way of storing and organizing data, similar to a dynamic array. However, unlike an array which stores data in an indexed manner, a linked list stores data in an interconnected manner. In a linked list, each piece of data is stored in a node, which contains

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C++ Interview Questions and Answers

Are you a software developer looking for an opportunity to sharpen your knowledge and impress your interviewer with your C++ skills? Look no further! This blog post is designed to give you an overview of the most commonly asked C++ Interview questions and provide you with the answers you need to ace your next technical

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Promise returning undefined in Node.js | async function Node.js

Introduction How to resolve a promise in Node.js? This is a very basic programming technique for a JavaScript developer in Node.js. In this blog post, you will learn best practices to use the result of asynchronous functions. What is the impact of not using await in Node.js. In Node.js, async function always returns a promise object. To

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