Month: March 2021

Fastify – Best way to use Async and best practices?

When working with Fastify, a popular web framework for Node.js, handling asynchronous operations and following best practices is important to ensure efficient and error-free code. Here are some guidelines for using async functions and best practices in Fastify: Remember to refer to the Fastify documentation for detailed information and additional best practices specific to the

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Sequelize ORM in Nodejs

Introduction: If you’re a Nodejs developer and you want to use an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tool to connect your Nodejs applications to a database, then look no further than the Sequelize library. Sequelize is an ORM for Nodejs applications that provides access to MySQL, Postgres, and SQLite databases. It makes it easy to interact

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Body-Parser middleware in Express

Introduction: Body-parser is a Node.js body parsing middleware for Express. It is responsible for parsing the incoming request bodies in a middleware before your handlers, available under the req.body property. It provides four express middleware for parsing JSON, Raw, Text and URL encoded form data. You can install body-parser in your Express application by running

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Cannot use import statement outside a module in serverless node application

The error message “Cannot use import statement outside a module” occurs when you try to use an import statement in a Node.js application that is not configured to handle ECMAScript modules (ES modules) syntax. To resolve this issue in a serverless Node.js application, you can follow these steps: Update all your import statements to use

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