Month: May 2021

How to detect memory leaks in Node.js?

Introduction Memory leaks can be a tricky problem to detect and solve, especially in large Node.js applications. A memory leak occurs when an application allocates memory but fails to release it, resulting in a gradual increase in memory usage over time. This can lead to performance issues, crashes, and other problems. Fortunately, there are several

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Common Mistakes Developers Make When Building Apps

Introduction A mobile app is the latest and hottest, way to engage with customers. It can also be a great way to increase revenue and build brand loyalty. But don’t forget – with great power comes great responsibility! If you want your app to be successful, it’s important to avoid common mistakes that can doom

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Timers in Node.js | setTimeout, setInterval and setImmediate

Introduction: Timers module provides a way for scheduling functions to be called after a given time. The Timer object is a global object in Node.js, therefore it’s not necessary to import it using the require() function call. All the methods are available globally to emulate the browser JavaScript API. Timer functions: setImmediate() —–> Executes a

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Building a Node.js Application with MySQL: A Practical Example

Introduction In this tutorial, we will walk through the process of building a Node.js application that interacts with a MySQL database. We will cover the steps from setting up the project to performing operations on the database using the popular mysql package. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a solid understanding of

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